Irish Sailing Affiliated Classes
There is a wide range of dinghy, keelboat, cruiser and windsurfing classes registered with Irish Sailing, all listed below with direct links to their own web sites.
If you’re new to organising a Class, you can get in touch with us by one of the following ways:
  1. The Irish Sailing Class WhatsApp group. This is a closed group where classes interact and exchange ideas on events and logistics;
  2. Sign up for our Quarterly Irish Sailing Calendar email, with This email goes out four times a year to encourage maximum collaboration and conversation across all the classes and clubs, so that event clashes are avoided and we don’t cannibalise the same pool of boats and sailors;
  3. Join our annual Irish Sailing Classes Forum. This takes place in Spring of each year for classes to network and discuss issues most pressing to them, and a chance for your voice to be heard;
  4. Get in touch with Sarah-Louise Rossiter, your Irish Sailing Regional Development Officer (RDO) in charge of class development;
  5. If you are looking for Race Officials for your class event, get in touch with Sarah-Louise Rossiter
  6. Coaching Grant funding is launched each year, contact Sarah-Louise Rossiter for the latest availability (only classes can apply, not clubs or individuals).