Irish Sailing Race Officials

Irish Sailing has seven disciplines of race official - Judge, Race Officer, Umpire, Measurer, Mark Layer, Safety Leader and Results Manager.

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Race Official Roles

The work of a Judge in the sport of sailing includes a wide range of services to competitors and race organisers, including the hearing of protests and requests for redress, deciding questions of eligibility and boat measurement compliance, and being present on the water watching for rule infringements. Irish Sailing has four categories of Judge; National Judge (NJ), National Judge Emeritus NRO (E)*, Regional Judge (RJ) and Protest Committee. The highest recognition is the World Sailing qualification of “International Judge”.


Race Officers are sailors who serve on-the-water as the Race Officer (previously known as the Officer of the Day or OOD) and manage a race. The term Race Officer refers to the person who leads the team running races. He or she is normally on the committee boat or in the start area ashore.

Irish Sailing has established four categories of Race Officer; National Race Officer (NRO), National Race Officer Emeritus NRO (E)*, Regional Race Officer (RRO) and Local Race Officer (LRO).


*A number of National Race Officials have indicated that, while active at local or club level, they no longer wish to act as Race Officials for a national championship or other major event. In recognition of their many years’ service to racing sailors and their considerable knowledge of race management, it was decided to institute a fourth grade of Irish Sailing Race Official – National Race Officer or Judge Emeritus, NRO (E) & National Judge Emeritus NJ (E). It is hoped that these race officials will encourage and mentor those progressing through the grades to achieve National Race Official status.


Both Match and Team Racing use a system of umpiring, in which penalties are imposed during the race, avoiding, for the most part, the need for conventional protests. Irish Sailing recognises two categories of Umpire; National Umpire (NU) and Regional Umpire (RU). The highest recognition is the World Sailing qualification of “International Umpire”.


Measurers are appointed by a class association to ensure that boats are built and continue to comply with the class measurement rules. The highest recognition is the ISAF qualification of “International Measurer”.


Mark Layers main responsibilities are for laying marks to set the course for a race and also give information to the Race Officer on wind strength and direction at any time across the course area. The Mark Layers usually work from a fast power boat equipped with a GPS. Ideally there will be more than one mark laying boat to facilitate speedy course alterations for wind direction changes. During the race, they may also be used as a patrol/safety boat. Irish Sailing recognises three categories of Mark Layer: Local Mark Layer (LML), Regional Mark Layer (RML) and National Mark Layer (NML).


The Safety Leader assesses risk, establishes a safety plan and liaises with designated emergency services, race officials and event organisers. They co-ordinate team activities on the water. Suitably trained team members provide first-aid when necessary.


Results Manager’s main responsibility is to provide a clean set of results to the Event Chairman at the end of a sailing event. This requires liaising with the PRO to clarify, in advance, that each competitor has a valid sail number; that the correct prizes are noted as per the event Sailing Instructions and that changes are made to the results programme to accommodate such prizes .Responsibilities during an event include working with the race management team especially those on the committee boats to receive race scores effectively and publish results to the required areas. They complete all of the calculations, determinations of discards, ranking & any other issues as set out in the event Sailing Instructions.  Results managers may need to amend results according to Jury decisions, scoring queries &  protest hearings arising following racing.


Race Officials Policy Group


Irish Sailing Race Official Policy Group

The role of the Race Official Policy Group (ROPG) is to:

  • decide and recommend race official policy in the area of race management, support, judging, safety and administration
  • approve the appointment of race officials to ensure consistent high-quality delivery of club & regatta racing to sailors.
  • on receipt of a complaint, review the performance of a race official and consider sanction if required
  • actively promote and train race management amongst sailors so as to maintain a steady flow of suitably qualified officials.

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This page is for helping classes and clubs find a race official for events whether it is a Mark Layer, Measurer, Race Officer, Safety Leader, Results Manager, Judge or Umpire of any level. It is also for any race officials looking to assist and officiate on an event.

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