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When you are comfortable sailing, you may want to see what it’s like to join the racing community. Racing enables sailors across Ireland, and indeed across the world, to get to know each other at a wide range of national and world-wide sailing events. Sailors who have been competing for years will tell you that it’s the best part of sailing – the camaraderie, the helping each other out and the sheer fun of each event. So, what types of racing are there? – because, just like boats, there are all sorts of races. 

Club Racing:

This is a type of racing that is organised and run by your club or organization, usually on weekends. It is a very social thing to do. 

Fleet (Class) Racing:

This is the most common type of sailing race, where a group of sailboats race around a specific course. Fleet races can be one-design (i.e. all the boats in the race are identical) or handicap (i.e. there are a variety of boats racing and each has a relevant handicap to ensure that the race is fair).

Match Racing:

This is when two sailboats that are exactly the same in terms of design, brand, and everything else, race each other in a course race. 


Team Racing:

Team racing involves two teams of 2-3 sailboats racing a specific course.

Offshore Racing:

This is a long-distance race that takes place in open water, and usually lasts for several days. The well-known Fastnet Race is an example of an Offshore Race. 


Paralympic Sailing:

This type of sailing race is specifically designed for sailors with disabilities.



Regattas involves several races over a period of days, with the winner being the boat with the best overall performance. The Dun Laoghaire Regatta is an example.


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