Centre Inspections

When are Centre Inspections Carried out?


  • New Training Centres – An Inspection is carried out on all new Training Centres prior to accreditation being issued.
  • Existing Irish Sailing Training Centres – Irish  Sailing Training Centres are inspected regularly by an Irish Sailing appointed Inspector.
  • Changes to existing recognition status – Additional Inspections may be carried out if there is a substantial change in the operating status of an existing Irish Sailing Training Centre.

How are Inspection Visits Arranged?

Irish Sailing Training Centres is contacted in advance by the allocated Inspector to agree a date for the Inspection. It is important that the Inspector has the opportunity of visit the Centre while training is underway, particularly for a new Centre.

What is Done with the Inspection Results?

The Inspector will, during the course of the inspection, make known to the Centre Principal or the Senior Instructor the results of the inspection and they will be asked to sign and agreed the details on the Inspection Report Form. The reports are then sent to the Training Department of  Irish Sailing, where they are recorded onto  Irish Sailing Database. The Centre Principal will be notified when this task has been completed and will be able to view the information online.

Details on the Irish Sailing Centre Inspection regulations are available in the Irish Sailing Training Centre Recognition Requirements document which is available to download from the online Library.

Preparing for your Centre Inspection

What Happens First?

The Centre Principal will be contacted by Irish Sailing Inspector to arrange a suitable time and date for the Inspection.

What Do I Do Next?

You will need to download and print out the Training Centres Inspection Checklist in the Guidelines section of our Library. You should run through this document and ensure that you have all the requirements listed in place and available for the Inspector to see.

You will need to read through the following two documents.


  • Irish Sailing Training Centre Recognition Requirements
    Go through this document carefully. Make sure you are maintaining high standards of coaching, your facilities and equipment are safe and up to standard, make sure you are maintaining Irish Sailing ratios and make sure you are adhering to Operating Requirements for each of the schemes you are running. The Inspection Checklist will help you do this. This document is available to download and print from the Online Library.


  • Irish Sailing Policies & Procedures Manual: 
    Go through this document carefully. If you are missing any documentation such as safety statements, risk assessments, course programmes, etc. this document will help you update or write new ones. This document is available to download and print from the Online Library.


Go to Library


The Recognition Requirement and Policies & Procedures are large documents.  Call the Irish Sailing Office on 01 2800239 or email training@sailing.ie and we will be happy to post copies to you. 


During the Centre Inspection

The day the Inspector visits, you should:

  • Run as normal. The Inspector wants to see you doing what you usually do.
  • Have available all boats for the Inspector to see. All powerboats and cruising yachts should be afloat, fully equipped and available for use.
  • Ensure that the Centre Principal, Senior Instructor or Junior Organiser are available.


While with you the Inspector will:

  • Want to spend some time afloat looking at sessions running. They will also need to spend some time ashore running through administration requirements.
  • Be checking that your Centre and courses are safe and running in accordance with Irish Sailing requirements.
  • Provide feedback to you aimed at assisting you in developing your training courses and running them in a safe manner.
  • Agree action items with completion dates.


After the Centre Inspection

The Inspector will:

  • Upload the Inspector’s Summary, Recommendations, Action Items (Training Centre) and Action Items (Irish  Sailing) on to the Irish  Sailing Website.
  • Send all completed documentation to the Training Department of Irish Sailing.


The Irish Sailing Training Department will:

  • Review the documentation received, ensure that all information has been accurately recorded on the database, scan and upload a copy of the Inspection Report Form to the Training Centre’s online profile.
  • Email the Centre Principal that the work has been completed.
  • Complete any Action Items (Irish Sailing) that have been recorded on the Inspection Report Form.