Olympic Steering Group

Irish Sailing set up an Olympic Steering Group to govern the activities of Performance Sailing in Ireland.  


The primary mission of the Irish Sailing's Olympic Steering Group (OSG) is to assist Irish Sailors to reach medal winning positions in the Olympic Games. While the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) selects the Irish Olympic Team, the OSG is responsible for setting fair and equitable rules for selecting and nominating suitable candidates to the OCI for membership of the Irish Olympic Sailing Team. The Olympic Steering Group also helps advise on the strategic direction of the Irish Sailing's Performance Pathway.


  • John Menton (Chair)
  • Morgan Buckley
  • David Nucifora
  • Elaine Mettler
  • Trevor Millar
  • Sarah O'Connor
  • Bill O'Hara
  • Marcus Spillane 
  • Colin Kavanagh


Irish Sailing Anti-Doping Policy

Sport Ireland is the designated National Anti-Doping Organisation in Ireland and performs the functions and obligations of a National Anti-Doping Organisation. Irish Sailing has formally adopted Sport Ireland’s Anti-Doping Rules as the Anti-Doping Rules for Irish Sailing as prescribed in the Racing Rules of Sailing. By adoption of these Rules Irish Sailing specifically recognises the authority and responsibility of Sport Ireland for administering the Irish Sport Anti-Doping Programme (including conducting Testing of Athletes) in respect of all of the Persons to whom these Rules apply and authorises Sport Ireland to carry out Doping Control.


Doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport.

The spirit of sport is the intrinsic value of sport.
The spirit of sport is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind and is the ethical pursuit of human excellence through the dedicated perfection of each Athlete's natural talents.
The spirit of sport is characterised, amongst other values, by health, ethics, fair play, honesty, team work, fun and joy, dedication and commitment, respect for rules and laws, respect for self and other Participants, courage, community and solidarity.



Anti-doping programmes are founded upon the spirit of sport and seek to protect the health of Athletes and to provide the opportunity for Athletes to pursue human excellence without the Use of Prohibited Substances or Prohibited Methods. Antidoping programmes seek to maintain the integrity of sport in terms of respect for rules, other competitors, fair competition, a level playing field, and the value of clean sport to the world. 

The Code is the fundamental and universal document upon which the World Anti-Doping Programme in sport is based. The purpose of the Code is to advance the antidoping effort through universal harmonisation of core anti-doping elements. The Code has been drafted giving consideration to the principles of proportionality and human rights.

The World Anti-Doping Programme encompasses all of the elements needed in order to ensure optimal harmonisation and best practice in international and national antidoping programmes.


The Irish Anti-Doping Rules and World Sailing’s Anti-Doping Code were developed under the WADA Code. Sailing is governed by the WADA Code, implemented internationally through World Sailing and nationally through Sport Ireland Anti-Doping.


Sport Ireland, as the National Anti-Doping agency, has responsibility for national-level testing, while World Sailing fulfils the role of the International Federation for sailing.
The core parts of both Codes are identical. They differ in regard to administrative matters such as test results management and hearing procedures.


Selection & Criteria


Irish Sailing Junior Winter Squads

The aim of the Irish Sailing winter programme is to prepare young athletes to compete at an international level for the following season. As such they need to be eligible to enter the Irish Sailing Youth Nationals in the Spring in the class they are applying for.

Applications for the squads will be open the last week in August and will be publicised closer to the time. Please have a look at the selection document for more information.

The programme will be based over 8 weekends, 4 before the new year and 4 after the new year starting at the end of September. The approximate cost for the programme will be €600.

Further Links

Irish Sailing Performance have been developing Ireland’s most ambitious young sailors between the ages

of 15 to 18 years on the Academy Programme for over a decade. 

In 2006, the Academy Programme of Irish Sailing's Performance Pathway underwent a major revamp, remodelling its objective to aid aspiring young sailors to ‘learn the skills to develop into independent Olympic campaigners by nurturing a culture of responsible athletes with a hunger for international performance.’  Since that time a holistic approach to personal development has been at the core of the Academy’s philosophy. It has recognised that the best sailors in the world love sailing and given that it’s a long term development sport (compared to most Olympic Sports) appreciation of fun and enjoyment of the process of learning has always been fundamental to the Academy’s training. 

See full Policy Document of Guidelines for the selection of the Irish Sailing Performance Academy HERE.


  • 2021 Olympic Games Nomination Procedures - HERE
  • 2020 Olympic Games Nomination Procedures - HERE


Olympic Review

Toko Review Report

Rio Review Report

Sport Ireland undertook an extensive review of the full Rio Olympics Cycle (2013-2016) which they published in December 2016 and which assessed the Irish Sailing campaign. We worked with them to draw up recommendations and you can read the full sailing section .. found HERE.


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