Guide for Irish Sailing Clubs & Centres

What Is Irish Sailing Passport?

The Irish Sailing Passport is an online skills tracking, certification and logbook system which uses the Checklick platform.

Passport allows participants skills to be tracked as they progressthrough their course so they can check in at any stage to see what they’ve achieved and the other skills they have yet to cover. The Irish Sailing Passport will also allow participants to move easily between Irish Sailing Training Centres when doing courses if they sail in different locations.

The participants “logbook” and any certificates achieved are available and saved on their profile meaning no more worries about replacing lost logbooks or certificates. Passport also allows participants to log additional activities to help you track their experience and encourage additional activity to further develop their skills.

Passport also has addition features to make it easier for you to manage and communicate with your participants such as attendance sheets and group emails to participants to send progress updates or certificates on course completion


How do I register my Training Centre Passport account?

Registration on Checklick for your Irish Sailing Passport account is free and takes just a few minutes. Contact the Training Department on or 01-2800239 and they will guide you through the process.

Once you have created your account you then log into your organisation profile and request the Checklists (Courses) which you are accredited to deliver.


What is the cost for using Passport?

There is no additional cost for using Passport as it is part of your Training Centre recognition fee package. There is a fee for evaluating participants (similar to purchasing certificates) which is charged once per participant per year in your Club or Training Centre irrespective of the number of courses they do.

The fee for evaluations is €4 per person per year. This means that regardless of the number of courses a person does in your Club or Training Centre in a calendar year the fee is still only €4

Credits for evaluations will be invoiced to the centre, 1 credit = 1 evaluation. It is important that you ensure only those who should be evaluated in your center are evaluated as this is the basis for the use of credits and you will be invoiced for any additional credits used.


Where can I get support for Passport?

For technical queries relating to the functions of the Checklick platform on which The Irish Sailing Passport is based go to the help section on the Checklick website at Checklick

For queries relating to the Irish Sailing courses you offer on Passport contact the Training Department on


Managing and monitoring your evaluations

Evaluations are where the instructor checks off an element of the syllabus as complete for the participant. Evaluations can, and ideally should, be carried out irrespective of whether certification is being issued or not.


What is a participant?

A Participant is defined as a person whose checklist(s) has/have been modified in any way including but not limited to, a completed skill, achieved level or inserted comment. A person who is registered for multiple sessions/lessons throughout the year is only counted as a participant once throughout that calendar year irrespective of how many evaluations are performed on that person’s profile.


Who should carry out evaluations?

Ideally evaluations should be carried out by the instructor who is running the course. This is preferable to a single person such as the Senior Instructor or “Manager” simply certifying all participants at the end of the course.

At the beginning of each season add any new instructors as evaluators to your organisation’sprofile. At the end of the season remember to remove any evaluators who are no longer instructing in your organisation.

Who can issue certification?

For Irish Sailing courses, only the person identified as the “Manager” can mark a level as achieved to issue certification. This is to ensure the “Manager” has oversight of the certificates being issued by their Training Centre.


When should evaluations be carried out?

Ideally evaluations should be carried out at regular intervals throughout the course. This allows both the instructor and the participant to track progression through the course. Examples might be to update every second day on a typical sailing course or at the end of day 1 on a powerboat course.

With regular evaluations participants can track their progress through the course and see what else will be covered.

How to update evaluations easily?

Implementing a “tag” system for the various courses in your training center makes it easy for instructors to find and carry out evaluations for their participants.

As an example; for a National Powerboat Certificate course commencing on 1/3/20 create a tag NPC 1-3-20 and apply the tag to the participants on this course. The instructor can then enter NPC 1-3-20 in the search bar and easily find their participants, carry out a group evaluation or evaluate specific elements for individuals.

The “Manager” can then also use this tag to easily find and certify the participants, if applicable, when the course is completed.

How do I track the evaluations carried out in my Training Centre?

Log in to your account and click on the “Reports” link at the top of the page. This will show you the number of evaluated people in the year to date. If you click on the + symbol in the box you will see further options one of which is to download an excel sheet of “Unique Evaluatee Details”. This sheet will show the details of who was evaluated including, date, time, level and who the evaluator was.



Useful Resource Files


Irish Sailing Passport Support


A video covering all the key set-up, features and the more commonly asked questions for Training Centres using the Irish Sailing Passport on Checklick is available here ...



If you need any further assistance just contact us on or call us on 01-2800239