The Pathway

The Performance Pathway is the Irish Sailing Association’s Olympic talent pipeline. The Performance Pathway counts over 70 sailors from 11 years up in its programme.

The aim of the Pathway Programme is to nurture and develop young talent, providing them with suitable coaching and training, in order to facilitate their potential access to the Academy Squads.


The key is to develop young sailors of the appropriate age, size and ability and guide them forward at the appropriate time with the best available coaching both on and off the water. Being selected for the Pathway is the first step in a young sailor’s elite training

Some of Ireland’s finest sailors have come through the Performance Pathway including, Annalise Murphy, Ryan Seaton, Finn Lynch and Saskia Tidey. These sailors have gone on to represent Ireland at the Olympics, in World and European Championships and are the standard bearers for Irish sailing on the international stage.

The Irish Sailing Performance Pathway Handbook is available to download HERE.

Read the Development Template HERE