How does the Irish Sailing Passport work?


All new students will be registered through their Club or Centre. The administrator will enter their basic details and then invite participants via email to accept the Terms & Conditions to access the relevant Irish Sailing Passport Scheme. Each person can then edit their own profile as they wish.


Some sailors will be too young to have their own email addresses, and, in these cases, it is recommended that they use a parent’s email address (this will work for several children in the same household). Once they are old enough to change to a personal email, they simply log on to their passport, and change their email address.

Data Protection

Your data is safe and under YOUR control. Under Data Protection Legislation, this information must be owned by the Individual Sailor (or their parent) and only they can alter, amend or delete that information. Similarly the Irish Sailing and our Club / Centre use of that information, and the evaluation platform Checklick, must be governed by specific terms and conditions of use which we have set out in detail, to which each sailor must agree before their passport goes live. The terms under which the Club / Centre and the Irish Sailing can use this information is solely for managing, communicating with and recording the progress of the sailors through the Clubs and the Irish Sailing Schemes. Your details will NOT be sold to any third parties or used by the Club / Centre or Irish Sailing to market other, non Irish Sailing Sail Training, products and services. Similarly, all this data must be protected from third party access, and Checklick is subject to laws which require them take all appropriate steps to protect your data. The Irish Sailing and Checklick will monitor traffic on the platform to ensure that the data is as well protected as possible.

Using Sailing Passport

Once information has been uploaded, each sailor will receive an email welcoming them to Checklick. As the Course Programme starts, our Instructors (and Training Centre Principal) will use the steps outlined in their Scheme to keep track of your progress, and when completed to award you each level as you meet the requirements. At the beginning of their course, the club will show all students how to use the Irish Sailing Passport, and record their sailing activities. This will require access to either a PC, Tablet, or internet enabled phone.

Log Book

No more soggy log books! Within each person’s Passport is a Sailing Logbook in which you are encouraged to record the many other times, both inside and outside of the Small Boat Sailing Scheme courses, that you go out and enjoy sailing whether with family or friends, cruising or racing, or just having fun messing about in boats. Like the logbooks in which cruising skippers record their journeys and the places visited each season, we hope that our young sailors will get as much fun out of recording their own exploits and adventures all of which add up to giving them the skills and experience they need to enjoy Sailing in whatever form takes your interest, and in the range of weather that we, in Ireland, enjoy. These logs may be and accessed in many years’ time when the person is becoming an Instructor, Race Official or Trainer.


Once registered, you will be requested to buy credits for the scheme, clubs and centres will be invoiced for this payment. The Club or Centre is charged €4 per person per annum per Passport Scheme used within the Calendar Year.

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Irish Sailing Passport Support


A video covering all the key set-up, features and the more commonly asked questions for Training Centres using the Irish Sailing Passport on Checklick is available here ...



You will find information on all the more common questions relating to your Passport account such as resetting your password or updating your personal information here ... 



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