What Is Irish Sailing Passport? 

The Irish Sailing Passport is an online skills tracking, certification and logbook system which uses the Checklick platform. 

Passport allows new skills to be tracked as you progress through your course so you can check in at any stage to see what you’ve achieved and the other skills you’ll cover. Your Irish Sailing Passport will also allow you to move easily between Irish Sailing Training Centres when doing courses if you sail in different locations. Any certificates you have achieved are available and saved on your profile meaning no more worries about replacing lost certificates. Your Passport also allows you to log additional activities to help you track your experience as you develop your skills. 

See below for information on where to login, how to register, doing new courses and what certificates are on your Passport. 






Where can I see my Passport information? 

To see your Irish Sailing Passport information go to and log in with your username and password 

You will be able to update your personal information, see details of any courses and certificates you have completed and log any of your boating activity 

How to use the Irish Sailing Passport

What if I’m doing a new course?

If you are doing a new course in a Club or Training Centre they will simply add the new course to your existing Irish Sailing Passport 

If you are doing a new course in a different Club or Training Centre you can add them to your Passport profile by selecting them from the list under “Affiliate With Another Organisation” on your profile. Alternatively the Club or Training Centre can add you to their profile and you will receive a notification 

Which of My Certificates are on my Passport? 

Your Irish Sailing Passport is for recording you personal proficiency skills and certificates up to and including Instructor Pre-entry Assessments. All other Instructor qualifications and State qualifications such as International Certificate of Competency and Commercial Endorsements are recorded on a separate My Irish Sailing profile.

How Do I register for Passport? 

Registration on Checklick for your Irish Sailing Passport account is free and takes just a couple of minutes 

Step 1:   go to 

Step 2:   go to the second box on the page and click on “Create Account” in Need an I.S. Passport? “Self-Register Here for an Irish Sailing Passport” 

Step 3:   choose your Club or Training Centre from the drop down list 

Step 4:   fill in your personal details please 

Step 5:   click Create Account  

If you have previously completed a course in an Irish Sailing Club or Training Centre you may already have an account. If you can’t remember the Username or Password for the account simply click the “Forgot Password” and the information will be sent to you.