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ECHO and IRC Handicapping

IRC Rating application forms 

In all cases, you will need to save the Excel file to your computer hard drive before starting to complete it.  Once completed return to and remember to login to MYIrishSailing and pay on-line also.​

- The following links are all excel downloadable files.

For boats holding a current full IRC certificate 

- The following links are all excel downloadable files.



Racing Rules and Interpretations



Hearings and Appeals


The ‘protest form’ is now known as a ‘hearing request form’ as a protest is only one of the various forms of hearing that may be requested.

Protest Committee Guidance



COMING SOON ... ‘jury policies’, ‘guidance on redress’, ‘policy on conflict of interest’ ‘guidance for PC’s at youth events’, ‘guidance on decision writing’.

Class and Equipment Rules


Event Organisation


COMING SOON: guidance on GDPR, safety, child protection, insurance and more

World Sailing

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   Go direct to the World Sailing Governance Library HERE


Some useful documents follow ...

  1. Irish Sailing Racing Rules 2021-2024 with Prescriptions
  2. The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 - 2024 and amendments   ?
  3. Irish Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020 €12 HERE ?
  4. The complete guide to judging. - World Sailing International Judges Manual pdf  ?
  5. World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing pdf -
    1. Rules for use of equipment,
    2. Definitions of equipment, measurement points and measurements for use in class rules and other rules and regulations,
    3. Rules governing certification control and equipment inspection.
  6. World Sailing RRS protest forms
  7. How-to-Appeal
  8. Irish Anti-Doping Rules
  9. The World Sailing Case Book
  10. World Sailing Rules Q&A 2022 
  11. The World Sailing Call Book for Match Racing and the World Sailing Call Book for Team Racing 
  12. World Sailing Class Rules - Classes and Equipment 
  13. The World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations
  14. Summary of significant changes to the RRS 2021 - 2024
  15. World Sailing Addendum to Guidance for Event Organisers of Offshore Races
  16. World Sailing Judges Manual July 2022
  17. RRS Changes and Corrections. Ver.3