Irish Sailing Team wait, train and adapt.

Irish Sailing Team wait, train and adapt.

Update – Irish Sailing Team wait, train and adapt.

With everyone aiming toward the same goal of pushing back the COVID 19 virus hopefully the team effort society makes will ultimately ensure we succeed. As light begins to appear at the end of the tunnel we will start to see new calendars emerge for the sporting landscape. With confirmation of the Olympics taking place in one year’s time, hopefully, that light will come soon. Every sports world governing body will currently be struggling to rearrange programmes and World Sailing is no different. World Sailing will need to confirm where and when they will host the continental qualifiers that got cancelled as a result of the virus. For Ireland these represent the opportunity for our 49er and Laser teams to claim a place on the Olympic start line. These could yet be held in autumn 2020.

But the fact is we don’t know. Much like waiting for wind to come on race day you need to strike a balance between being ready to compete but not being so aroused that your brain is fried by the time the wind does come. Our athletes are in standby mode. We have had three weeks now where we have watched the impact of COVID 19 become more and more frightening. We have used that time wisely to prepare the team to be able to train from home. We have online gym sessions, we are playing virtual sailing games and we use the stationary bikes (Zwift) at home to cycle together virtually. It is great to see everyone adapting so well to this new environment. 

We really believe that when we win this battle the nation will need to be uplifted and spirits raised. We want to have our athletes ready to shine and make Ireland proud.

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