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Wherever your interest lies, we offer a huge selection of courses both directly and through our member clubs, so there’s something to suit everyone, whatever your age and whatever your level. Take a look at the courses offered below, and then learn more in the Course Syllabi section of our Library and use our handy tool at the bottom of the page to find a training course. 


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For scheduled courses for clubs, centres, instructors and coaches please follow the link below. 


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Why do an Irish Sailing training course?

An Irish Sailing training course provides the ideal way to get afloat for the first time, or to build on skills you already have. All courses follow a standard syllabus and are led by a qualified Irish Sailing Instructor. Each is designed to provide you with the skills and confidence you need to get the most out of your chosen water sport. 


Courses for all vessels and all levels 

All course syllabi and related information are available in the Course Syllabi section of the Library. 


Cara na Mara – for young children (6-10 year olds)

Cara na Mara is an ‘on-the-water’ and shoreside training programme that delivers basic sailing skills, seamanship and environmental awareness for six to ten year olds. The programme allows children to discover, explore and practice sailing skills safely, and interfaces with the Irish Sailing Small Boats Sailing Scheme, allowing Orcas to move on to ‘Improving Skills’ as their next step. A list of the current Irish Sailing training centres that run the programme can be found in the Course Syllabi section of the Library. 

Irish Sailing Small Boat Sailing Scheme (SBSS) – for all age groups

Dinghy, Keelboat and Catamaran sailing training come under the Small Boat Sailing Scheme (SBSS). 


For Beginner Sailors
  • Taste of Sailing
  • Start Sailing
  • Basic Skills
  • Improving Skill
Intermediate/Advanced courses 
  • Advanced Boat Handling 
  • Kites & Wires 
  • Adventure Skills
  • Start Racing   



For Cruising (National Cruising Scheme)
  • Competent Crew *
  • Day Skipper *
  • Yachtmaster Coastal (course attendance certificate) *
  • Helmsman Certificate Day Skipper Yachtmaster Coastal (course attendance certificate) **
  • Irish Sailing Yachtmaster Coastal Exam requirements (see Yachtmaster Certificates)
  • Irish Sailing Yachtmaster Offshore Exam requirements (see Yachtmaster Certificates)
  • Irish Sailing Yachtmaster Ocean Exam (see Yachtmaster Certificates)
  • Basic Marine Engine Maintenance

* Run at sea on board a cruising yacht

** Run at sea on board a motor yacht

NB. Each Yachtmaster Certificate has prerequisite log book requirements. Details on these, and how to arrange your exam, are available in our Course Syllabi section of the Library.  



Powerboating Courses
  • Introduction to Powerboating
  • National Powerboat Certificate
  • Safety Boat Certificate - 3 modules
  • Intermediate Powerboat Certificate
  • Advanced Powerboat Certificate
  • Coastal Navigation for Small Boats



Windsurfing Courses
  • Get Up + Go
  • Go4it!
  • Go! with Style
  • Go Foiling
  • Get up and Go - Wing
  • Go 4 It - Wing

Each with modules on Starting, Going, Turning and Headworks that are relevant to that skills level or style.



Personal Watercraft Sailing (Jet-skiing) Courses
  • Personal Watercraft Sailing Scheme



Sea Safety courses
  • Personal Survival Training (for commercial operators)

Designed for commercial seafarers operating as part of a crew on large commercial vessels, this 1 day training course covers the essential skills and knowledge required should you need to abandon your boat. Providers are accredited and approved by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. The STCW PST certificate is accepted by Irish Sailing for use on category 1 and 2 Offshore races.


  • Irish Sailing Offshore Safety Course (for offshore cruising or racing sailors)

Accredited by World Sailing, this 2 day training course provides sailors cruising or racing offshore with the skills and knowledge required to avoid getting into trouble offshore; to ensure that your boat and crew survive in the best possible shape if you do; and what to do if all else fails and you have to abandon to the life-raft. The course is delivered by experienced offshore sailors and complies with the ISAF OSR Section 6. It is the preferred qualification for crew on yachts racing in category 1 or 2 offshore races and anyone cruising offshore. The course is accepted by the Irish Government for use by Masters of licenced passenger boats.

NB. The Personal Survival Training sea safety course is also accepted by the World Sailing for use on category 1 and 2 Offshore Races. 


Where to do your Irish Sailing Training Course?

Irish Sailing Training Centres have all gone through a rigorous accreditation process to ensure that they provide high quality training in a safe environment. With Training Centres based in every corner of Ireland there are plenty to choose from for training close to home or while on holiday. 


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