Irish Sailing SBSS Advanced Instructor Certification


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Small Boat Sailing Scheme Advanced Instructor Endorsement

The Advanced Instructor Endorsement is the qualification required to deliver the four advanced modules of the Small Boat Sailing Scheme: Advanced Boat-handling - Start Racing - Adventure Skills - Kites & Wires. On completion the instructor is qualified in the same boat type as their base instructor qualification, Dinghy – Keelboat – Catamaran. The Advanced Instructor Endorsement will also re-validate any existing SBSS instructor qualifications for a period of 5 years.

The Advanced Instructor Endorsement is a four-day course which can be split over two consecutive weekends. The range of skills covered in the four modules demands a high level of personal skill in a wide range of boats along with a significant depth of background knowledge. As there is no pre-entry assessment personal skills and knowledge are assessed by means of pre-course submissions and evaluation during the course. It is important to be aware that candidates presenting without the required level of skills or knowledge may fail the course and will be required to undertake the full course again to achieve certification.

The log requirements along with the other pre-requisites are detailed below.

SBSS Advanced log and Pre-Entry reqs here


  • 20 days logged teaching experience including minimum of 5 at Improving Skills;
  • Submission of an improver skills course program and 2 improver skills session plans (1 water and 1 land);
  • Submission of Sailing C.V. to reflect personal sailing experience across the modules, to include –
  • 6 sessions in a kites and wires boats experience with symmetric and asymmetric required,
  • 6 sessions in more than 18kn of wind speed,
  • 6 sessions in alternative boats. i.e. Keels boats, day sailors, tall ships, access boats, traditional sailing boats, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc,
  • 6 sessions racing (12 races keelboat/dinghies) club or open events,
  • 3 day trips 5 hours water time submit 1 passage/pilotage plan and log from 1 of these trips,
  • 20 hours logged powerboat, providing rescue/mark laying, please note any rescues,
  • 2 races assisting on comity boat;
  • Completion of background knowledge paper;
  • Safetyboat certificate;
  • Sport Ireland Safe Guarding 1;
  • Valid emergency care certificate; and
  • Garda Vetting clearance.

Existing Endorsed Instructors

In order to facilitate instructors holding some but not all of the current endorsements (Racing, Kites & Wires, Adventure) a number of workshops will be held to enable them to upgrade to the new advanced qualification.
The workshops are a minimum of 10 hours meaning they can be completed in one day including an evening session or spread over 2 days. Candidates will be required to submit a log of personal sailing experience in the areas for which they are not currently endorsed along with a log of instructional experience including a minimum of 5 days at the level to which they are currently endorsed.

The workshop will also revalidate all their current SBSS qualifications.
Instructors already holding endorsements will remain valid to teach all levels in the new scheme for which they are currently endorsed.