Garda Vetting

National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016

The Act provides a legislative basis for the mandatory vetting of persons who wish to undertake certain work or activities relating to children or vulnerable persons or to provide certain services to children or vulnerable persons.

An organisation shall not permit any person to undertake relevant work or activities on behalf of the organisation unless the organisation received a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person.

eVetting Steps

The Steps

What to Do

Step 1: Complete all forms in full (NVB1, NVB3)
Step 2: Get the Proof of Identity Form completed by a Designated Person and attach a photocopy of your proof of identity documents (Passport, Driving Licence, Household Bill, etc.)
Step 3: Post your completed applications forms to:

Irish Sailing Garda Vetting Liaison Person
Irish Sailing Association
3 Park Road
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

It is your responsibility to compile all your documents and send them directly to Irish Sailing (you should not hand your application forms to anyone else).

Step 4: Keep an eye on your emails.

You will receive an invitation from the National Vetting Bureau to complete the online portion of your vetting procedure.

Step 5: Complete the on-line form.

If you are unsure how to proceed or would like clarity around any issue, please do not hesitate to contact   

You have 30 days to do this after which the invitation is removed and you will have to apply again.

Step 6: The NVB process the application form and forwards the disclosure to Irish Sailing.
Step 7: We will be back in touch to notify you of the result.








Garda Vetting Forms

The 3 forms that must be completed

  • NVB1 – eVetting Application Form – Mandatory;
  • Garda Vetting Proof of Identity – Mandatory;
  • Parent / Guardian Consent Form (NVB 3) – for persons aged 16 – 18 years

along with the Guidelines for 100 Point Check are available in the :

Library Gardai-Child

Designated Person


We recommend that Clubs and Training Centres appoint one of the following in your organisation as the Designated Person:

  • Irish Sailing Designated Person
  • Irish Sailing Vetting Liaison Officer
  • Centre Principal
  • Training Centre Manager
  • Junior Organiser
  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Club Secretary

Role of the Designated Person


The Designated Person should only sign the form if confident that the information verifies the identification of the applicant.

Identification MUST include one form of photographic evidence and one separate proof of current Irish residential address.

The 100 point check is a personal identification system. Documents supplied must make up 100 points.

Identification may be confirmed with sight of the Original of ONE of the following:

  • Irish Driving Licence or Learner Permit (new credit card format) 80 points; OR (Cannot be Both)
  • Passport (from country of citizenship) 70 points.


  • Utility bill (must not be less than 6 months old. Printed online bills are acceptable. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable) 35 points;


  • Birth Certificate (must show current address of applicant) 50 points;


  • National age card (issued by An Garda Síochana) 25 points;

Photocopies of the documents seen must be attached to this form.

When conducting Garda Vetting, organisations should require vetting subjects to present identification totalling 100 points to ensure they are checking the correct person. At least one form of photographic evidence must be gathered.

A full list of alternative acceptable forms of identity and the points they carry is available on the National Vetting Bureau’s Website – Verification of Identity.