How fast can a windsurfer go?

How fast can a windsurfer go?

How fast can a windsurfer go?

This time last year Oisin Van Gelderen beat the Irish Speed record with a top speed of 47.97 knots (that is 85.6kmph) average over 500m and wanted to peak at 50knots and did it 10 times and became the only person in Ireland to sail at that speed. 

He is now back out in Namibia at the Luderitz Speed Challenge stretching the limits and has broken his Irish Speed record with 49,36 knots over 500m so far (peaking at 52knots 96kmhr for 2 seconds) 👉 incredible 💯🚀. His goal is to push past the 50knot average and must peak at 53knots be able to acheive this (that is 97km hour).

Luderitz speed channel is the fastest piece of water in world. 

This 2:45 video gives you a bird's eye view of Oisin, IR777, travelling at 49.7knots. Put your sound on and just listen to that wind and imagine the power and the sandblasting they are experiencing.

"This is a body and mind experience. When rigging we are in 50knots of wind and it feels like diamond sized stones are hitting the back of your head and you know "Ah ha,now the wind is here". We windsurfed in 66knots of wind, its NUTS."

It’s not over yet, we’ll keep you posted.