Jet Ski

What are PWC’s (Jet Ski)?

Personal Watercraft are small “sit on” boats powered by a water jet. Because of their relatively small size they offer exceptional acceleration and manouverability. They are easy to store and can be towed and launched by a family car. Personal Watercraft provide a relatively affordable and exciting way of getting afloat. They are perfects for people wanting to get afloat and explore, play in surf or do freestyle tricks.


Why do an ISA Training Course?

An ISA training course provides the ideal way to get afloat for the first time, or to build on skills you already have. All courses are run to a syllabus used all over Ireland and will be lead by a trained and qualified ISA Instructor. Each course is carefully designed to provide you with all of the skills and confidence you need to get you out on the water and to get the most out of your boating.


Where to do your ISA Training Course?

ISA Training Centres have all gone through a rigorous accreditation process to ensure that they provide high quality training in a safe environment. With Training Centres based in every corner of Ireland there are plenty to choose from for training close to home or while on holiday.


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