Sailmon tracking at 1720s

Sailmon tracking at 1720s

1720 class leading the way! 

The 1720 class made a few changes to the normal schedule of events for their National Championships this year.

The class embraced technological innovations in sailing and offered live tracking of the National Championships for the first time. This live tracking was available to be viewed by spectators and supporters worldwide in the Sailmon App across the week.

The races were then available for playback. So competitors were able to watch drone footage alongside the live tracking of the races, on returning to the clubhouse after racing. This created a whole new level of interest and competition for sailors across the weekend.  

The tracking was facilitated by the revolutionary Sailmon MAX Mini.  

The MAX Mini comes with an integrated SIM card offering global IoT coverage with 2G fallback. It ensures high accuracy down to centimeters, thanks to industry-leading sensors. With support for five GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS & SBAS), it guarantees high-precision recording and replay of sailing data with 25Hz sensors (data is recorded in the cloud at 1Hz). The unit will automatically transmit all data to the Sailmon App. 


Kenny Rumball of, the distributor of Sailmon products in Ireland, commented,

"We conducted a small trial of this system with the RS21 class earlier this year as part of the Dun Laoghaire regatta. It clearly demonstrated how sailing can now engage spectators on land and provide answers to questions that sailors constantly have, such as whether I was as fast today as usual or if that other boat was faster. We genuinely believe that the Sailmon MAX Mini represents the future, and we hope to offer this system to all racing classes throughout Ireland for the 2024 season." 

The primary goal of the class is to utilize this high-quality data to enhance competitiveness by comparing race data and facilitating group discussions after sailing. This enables the support team to quickly show the various data differences among different boats in the fleet. It is hoped that this will improve fleet performance and, with spot prizes available, reveal who truly excelled at the start or which boat was the fastest upwind. After all, numbers don't lie! 


Do you want to relive the 1720 Sportboats Nationals? 

1. Open the Sailmon App: 
         - Computer: go to 
         - Phone and iPad: download via AppStore or GooglePlay 

2. Tap on EVENTS (fourth emoticon at the bottom bar) 
3. Search and tap on Irish 1720 Sportboats Class 
4. Scroll down and tap on one of the races 
5. Tap on 'Start Replay' 
6. Scroll through time and data 




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