Towing your boats safely

Towing your boats safely

Do you know the Towing rules of the road?

Did you know the speed limit differs on motorways when towing?

Have you checked the weight capacity of what your vehicle can tow?

As we approach the end of the season and more boats are coming out of the water, be sure you are up to date on all the rules of the road when it comes to towing your boats safely.


  • Ensure everything is correctly secured to the trailer with no loose equipment left in the boat(s), this will need to be rechecked regularly on longer journeys.
  • Check the width, height and length are within permitted limits including any overhanging items such as masts.
  • Ensure the trailer is correctly balanced with a slight bias of weight on the tow hitch.
  • Ensure the overall weight (including the trailer) is within the limits of your vehicle and your driving licence type. Towing and vehicle towing capacity (



  • Check the condition of the trailer in particular the hitch connection, wheel bearings and brakes.
  • Ensure there is a security chain for the tow hitch and that it is attached.
  • Check that the lights or light board is working and visible.
  • Ensure the trailer is securely attached and that the jockey wheel is raised and secured before moving off.


Rules of the Road

  • Check you have the correct licence for the vehicle and trailer combination you are towing. Towing and vehicle towing capacity (
  • The total weight of the tow must be within the specified towing capacity for your vehicle
  • The maximum speed permitted when towing a trailer is 80kph, including when on national roads or motorways.
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