Darkness into Light 2023

Darkness into Light 2023

Irish Sailing are working with Pieta House to support Darkness into Light.

This is Pieta’s annual fundraising campaign to raise vital funds for people affected by suicide and self harm. All around the country on Saturday 6 May, sailors will take to the water in the dark to greet the dawn to symbolise the journey from despair to hope.

A number of sailing clubs around the Ireland will host their own sailing events to support Darkness into Light. Weather permitting, there will be a mix of dinghies, cruisers and ribs all sailing out towards the dawn and returning to their clubs for breakfast.

Clubs taking part include: Bantry Bay Sailing Club, Bray Sailing Club, Foynes Yacht Club, Greystones Sailing Club, Galway Hooker Sailing Club, Howth Yacht Club, INSS, Malahide Yacht Club, National Yacht Club, Royal Irish Yacht Club, and Royal St George Yacht Club.

We know that sailing and being on the water has huge mental health benefits – Darkness into Light is a great way of joining people together to be the light against the dark. To find out more, go directly to the fundraising pages below or https://www.darknessintolight.ie/


Bantry Bay SC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/bantrybaysailingclub/bantry-bay-sailing-club

Bray SC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/BraySailingClub

Foynes YC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/foynesyachtclub

Galway Hooker SC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/galwayhookersailingclub1325

INSS https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/glynwilliams/insc-darkness-into-light

Malahide YC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/malahideyachtclub

National YC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/nationalyachtclub

Royal Irish YC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/valdaboardman

Royal St George YC https://www.darknessintolight.ie/fundraisers/royalstgeorgedunlaoghaire/dublin

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