2023 29er Academy

2023 29er Academy

2023 29er Academy

We are excited to announce the start up of the new 29er Academy. The team will be made up of three boats which will have a make up of domestic and international training and competitions. We have resourced three new boats to allow for international training and competitions to happen smoothly. As part of the academy the sailors will have coach support on the water, strength & conditioning and physio support as well as a programmed and monitored physical training programme for the body, and psychological skills for the mind. This will be backed up by a performance life skills expert to allow for better understanding and management on how to balance the demands of sailing and life.

The academy will be selected off a number of factors ...

  • Application of interest via link
  • Performances/observations at events over the last 12 months (to include the Irish Sailing Investwise Youth National Championships)
  • Feedback from the regional/club coaches
  • Feedback from the coaches running the Irish Sailing training over the winter
  • Age restriction is U19

The academy will have a continual assessment process covering application to physical training, mental skills development, technical and tactical application during on water training and event results. Every 6 months a review with the management team to see if they should remain on the academy or be released will occur to ensure consistency of development is maintained and allowing for a clear direction for the sailors to progress in.

Each team is on trial with the academy for the first 6 months to ensure they are up to the challenge of the academy, only after the first review are they officially a part of the academy.

Applications for expression of interest HERE. Deadline for application will be Sunday 23rd April.


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