Pat Lawless, Sailor of the Year Nominee

Pat Lawless, Sailor of the Year Nominee

Pat Lawless and his Golden Globe Adventure

Pat is nominated for his incredible and relentless passion on his racing journey. Pat had a very impressive performance in the Golden Globe Race before having to take an early retirement to the race. However the preparation alone for this Solo Race around the world is an achievement of its own.

He began his vendee globe journey on the 14th of August, but preparation began weeks and months before this.

A Solo, non-stop, unassisted round the world 30,000 mile race. Nine months at sea alone in a small boat (GREEN REBEL), the Golden Globe Race is the longest and loneliest sporting event in the World. It will entail stepping back to the Golden Age of solo sailing, with no modern technology.

He was born and bred in Limerick, on the banks of the river Shannon, and had always dreamed of sailing in a race solo around the world. In 1996 his father at the age of 70, was the first Irishman to do a solo circumnavigation of the globe. You could say that he had a big influence on his son, as Pat's goal was always to be the first Irishman to sail solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world. He is pondering another attempt in 2026.

Pat is currently sailing Green Rebel home from St Helena.

Congrats Again on this amazing achievement.

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