Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Active, Happy, Healthy

We are delighted to announce Dr Susan Crawford of Get Autism Active as a speaker at the 2023 Irish Sailing National Conference. Dr Crawford has a PhD in fundamental movement skills and autism and will discuss her work with the Royal College of Surgeons that looks at understanding the link between sport and our health and wellbeing.

Dr. Susan Crawford has supported Irish Sailing as the National Governing Body for sailing, windsurfing and powerboating, in their aim to becoming more inclusive with particular focus on people with autism. Her professional presentation and academic knowledge is only surpassed by her passion to share her personal experiences in an infectious and invigorating way to our team of staff, board members and volunteers.

As we move towards a season of activity on the water we all know the effect being active on the water has on our mental and physical health. At the National Conference we want to celebrate our sports and the many ways we can support and encourage others to join us on the water.

We have a line-up that includes a short session from each of Irish Sailing’s activities to bring you some inspiration for the season ahead. Sign up and join the team on Saturday 25th March, Royal Marine Hotel.


Conference Talks

Commence at 1500

Presidents Welcome and President’s Report

- from John Twomey, Irish Sailing President

Observations on Irish Sailing and themes for the future

- from Tim Bourke, Irish Sailing CEO

Sport, Health and Wellbeing 

- the link between sport and our health and wellbeing with Dr Susan Crawford


- why it’s important to build a race management pipeline and how to go to about it - Sarah-Louise Rossiter


- what Irish Sailing offers, how to get involved and how to get started on structuring your offerings - Dave Garvey

Diversity and Inclusion 

- getting as many people on the water as possible - Ciaran Murphy

Women Take the Helm

- bringing more women into sailing - Gail MacAllister


- how to support your cruising sailors - Gail MacAllister


-  making your events more sustainable - Gail MacAllister


- Guiding young sailors up through the pathway classes, and an update on the Irish Sailing Performance Team - James O’Callaghan & Rory Fitzpatrick


Meet the team and network with fellow stakeholders 16:30 to 17:30


17:30 is kick of for the Irish Sailing Awards 2022. It is time to celebrate a year of incredible sailing, adventures and achievements ...

  • Sailor of the Year
  • Youth Sailor of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Senior Instructor of the Year
  • Training Centre of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Cruising, Sustainability and more are being celebrated on Saturday night. 



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