What are your summer plans?

What are your summer plans?

Instructors ! Have you started planning your summer ?

Although it’s only the beginning of March, the summer season is rolling around quickly. Now is the time to be nailing down your plans for work this year. Clubs and Training Centres are finalising their programmes, looking at the courses they can offer and how many places they can make available - having a commitment from instructors, particularly Advanced and Senior Instructors is a key piece of this puzzle.

If you have not yet finalised your summer plans you may be interested in some work even if it’s not for the full course duration. Connect with your local Club or to check out options around the country. You can have a look at our Instructor Facebook page or the Instructor Jobs page on our website.

Remember to check if your qualifications are in date by going to the Valid Instructor page on our website. If your qualifications are out of date you’ll need to complete a 1 day CPD revalidation. These can be run by any Club or Training Centre for a minimum of four participants. More dates are being added all the time and are listed on our Upcoming Courses page as soon as we are notified.

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