Zoe Mulvey - Sailor of the Year Nominee

Zoe Mulvey - Sailor of the Year Nominee

Zoe Mulvey, accessible powerboating:

Zoe is a sailor who uses a wheelchair and has some additional learning needs, and we are delighted that she’s made the nomination list for the 2022 Sailor of the Year.

We met with her in Insomnia in Dun Laoghaire to interview her all about her passion for the sport.

Zoe was first introduced to the world of sailing and powerboating through an Enable Ireland outreach program that was affiliated with Irish Sailing. Reluctant at first, Zoe did not think sailing to was something she would have much interest in. But little did she know that just one session was going to grasp her so much.

From not wanting to go on the first session at all, Zoe now can not be stopped from getting out on the water. Zoe has continued to sail at every opportunity but her true passion is powerboating and chasing her need for speed.

At the most recent Irish Sailing Watersports Inclusion Games in 2022 at Lough Derg Yacht Club, Zoe was out on the rib every day, hail, rain or shine. She has the proud accolade of being the only person to have attended every Inclusion Games since their inception in 2017.

“Smiles are all that you see” her mother Emma comments whenever she is aboard!

Zoe recently attended every session of the Winter Inclusive Series providing rescue boat support.

Despite Zoe’s physical and intellectual challenges, she is committed to logging her hours and is currently working towards attaining her National Powerboat Licence and planning on providing rescue cover in WHBTC at this year’s Games.

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