Membership Benefit Discounts

Membership Benefit Discounts

As a member of Irish Sailing you can avail of a range of great discounts.

There is something here for if you are heading to an event, gearing up or winding down ...

  • Irish Ferries up to 30% OFF your ferry cross to an overseas event.
  • Stena Line are now back on our books with 15% OFF on Irish Sea crossings to events.
  • KAI Bottles and Chillies Bottles offer a 10% discount.
  • Saltrobe a whopping 20% OFF their robes and eco towels.
  • Wildside Sports give 10% OFF on all wetsuits and they have a great kids wetsuit exchange system.
  • Matthews of Cork continues to offer 10% OFF.
  • Royal Marine Hotel gives special rates and the Pier Health Club 50% OFF Sansana SPA treatments.


Irish Sailing welcome new benefit providers, so if you have a product or service you would like to offer Irish Members at a special rate then get in touch with Gail directly with details

As Irish Sailing members you also get preferential rates on a range of Irish Sailing services such as ICC, Commercial Endorsements and our own KAI Bottle

You can be a direct member of Irish Sailing or have automatic membership through your Irish Sailing Affiliated Club.

If you would like to become a Direct Member head to our shop HERE.


  • Ordinary membership €46
  • Junior Membership €20
  • Family Membership €75
  • Senior Membership €20


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