Keeping It Clean

Keeping It Clean

Sustainable Sailing

We are delighted to announce Clean Regattas PLATINUM Certification from Sailors for the Sea has been awarded for the ... 

  • SIA Irish Sailing Women at the Helm 2022 at the National Yacht Club, and the
  • Irish Sailing Youth National Championship 2022 at Ballyholme Yacht Club.

This is the highest standard of award available from the world’s leading sustainability certification for water-based events.

Plus, Clean Regattas Gold certification has been awarded for the Irish Sailing Champions’ Cup 2022 hosted by Sutton Dinghy Club and the Irish Sailing Junior Champions’ Cup hosted by Fastnet Marine Outdoor Education Centre.

Congratulations also goes to Royal Cork Yacht Club, Howth Yacht Club and Malahide Sea Scouts for their Clean Regattas GOLD Awards and commitment to sustainability.

Other awards achieved in 2022 with Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas are …

  • IODAI Optimist Ulster Championships @ Howth Yacht Club - BRONZE
  • Squib Easterns @ Howth Yacht Club - SILVER
  • Irish Student Yachting Nations @ Howth Yacht Club - BRONZE
  • Squib National Championship @ Kinsale Yacht Club - SILVER

We encourage all events to register and follow the simple guidelines to help make your events cleaner and sustainable and ensure the future of our sport in clean waters and a healthy environment.

The Clean Regattas award system is based on the number of “Best Practices” you can implement at your event, see below. Go to for more information on sustainability for you, your club / centre and events.


Clean Regattas Awards system has a total of 20 Best Practices that come under five titles.

The level of certification is based on the percentage of points earned by fulfilling the 20 Best Practices.

  • 25% = Participant Level
  • 40% = Bronze Award
  • 60% = Silver Award
  • 80% = Gold Award
  • 95% + full report = Platinum Award

20 Best Practices

  1. Elimination of Single-Use Items

 1. Eliminate Single-Use Water Bottles and Provide Water Refill Stations

 2. Eliminate Plastic Straws

 3. Serve Food with Plastic-Free Dinnerware

 4. Use or Provide Reusable Bags

 5. Award Practical Items or Use a Perpetual or Upcycled Trophy

  1. Community Involvement

 6. Publicize Your Sustainability Efforts

 7. Involve Local Organizations

 8. Post Educational and Reusable Signage

 9. Serve Local Food or Source Seafood Sustainably

  1. Responsible Waste Management

 10. Organize a Green Team

 11. Ensure Proper Waste Bin Placement and Signage

 12. Divert Food Waste from the Landfill

 13. Use Paperless Event Management

  1. Environmental Stewardship

 14. Host a Beach or Marina Cleanup

 15. Promote Alternative Transportation

 16. Increase Awareness of Wildlife and Habitat Protection

 17. Offer Vegetarian or Vegan Alternatives

  1. Green Boating

 18. Use Eco-Smart Race Management Techniques

 19. Prevent Toxins from Entering the Water

 20. Encourage Green Boating Practices


Contact our Sustainability Officer Gail MacAllister if you are looking for advice on reducing your club, event or boat's impact on the environment.

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