700 Responses to Women Boat Ownership Survey

700 Responses to Women Boat Ownership Survey

700 responses to the Women Boat Ownership Survey

Sailors, powerboaters, boaters and windsurfers from all over Ireland and overseas gave their input to the survey asking about women’s participation and boat ownership. We would like to thank everyone for the time taken to give us some very useful insights.

As well as analysing the survey results fully in the new year, we will be conducting small group discussions in January to delve deeper into the responses and use all the learnings to help us shape the next Women on the Water Take the Helm campaign. We will also share all the outcomes and insights with you.

The winner of the €100 voucher from the “Thank you draw” was Caroline Forde of Kinsale Yacht Club. Five Irish Sailing baseball hats have headed off in the post to the runners up.

The survey remains open for anyone that wishes to share the link and we encourage ALL to share their opinions and insight. DO WOMEN OWN BOATS SURVEY LINK HERE.






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