New Irish Sailing Speed Record!

New Irish Sailing Speed Record!

New Irish Sailing speed record set in Namibia, during World Record Attempt

Irish Windsurfer Oisín van Gelderen (Dublin), today has broken his previous Irish Sailing Speed Record, while participating at the 'Luderitz Speed Challenge' in Namibia.

Van Gelderen is taking part in the World Record Attempt, and after 3 fruitless weeks of moderate conditions, today he smashed his own personal best in winds gusting up to 62knots. (Storm Force 10).  

All speed sailing records are measured over a 500m course, and his aim at this event was to become the first Irish Sailor to hit 100kmph, (54knots), and to improve his previous record and better 50knots over the 500m course.   

Although he finished slightly shy of that mark at 49.87knots (92.36kph) average over the500m course, tomorrow Saturday the forecast promises to be even more suitable for attaining higher speeds, and he feels more confident that the best is yet to come.

All speeds are subject to final ratification by the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Records Council).  

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