Pat’s Golden Globe Ends in Cape Town

Pat’s Golden Globe Ends in Cape Town

Pat’s Golden Globe Ends in Cape Town

Sadly Pat Lawless and his Golden Globe adventure has ended with Green Rebel arriving into Cape Town in the early hours of 10 November after five days of no self-steering.

The GGR interviewed him immediately after docking. “It happened 5 days ago, I thought I would be able to fix it, but I was living in cloud cuckoo land.” said Pat in his usual jolly tone. Exhausted and disappointed his biggest thoughts are with his sponsors and supporters.

He recalled his highlight of the experience, “The journey itself was a sail of a lifetime”, and “the lightening while in the doldrums was serious stuff.”

Irish Sailing would like to wish Pat the very best of health and while we know he is disappointed to finish due to equipment failure, he sailed a fantastic race throughout.

You can watch Pat’s return to dock on the live GGR feed HERE.

If you would like to learn more about self steering golden Globe ran a great article here

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