Galway County Council Bye-Laws 2022

Galway County Council Bye-Laws 2022


Further to our statement on Monday 7th November 2022 regarding the proposed Galway Beach bye-laws, Irish Sailing have now submitted a response to Galway County Council.

As the national governing body for three watersports affected by these proposals Irish Sailing understand the intention of the byelaws is not to prohibit or unnecessarily restrict watersports activity, however the bye-laws as currently drafted are misleading and suggests otherwise.

Having consulted with Galway County Council, who we have a long-standing relationship with, the Irish Sailing submission outlines the need for consultation of all stakeholders, implementation of specific bathing zones and a definitive description of close proximity to be taken into consideration.

Irish Sailing strongly suggest that other stakeholders look at the attached proposals and maps, and make their own submission ensuring their own considerations and support are included in this consultation process.

Submissions must be made by email to before 5pm on Thursday 11th November 2022, and you can read the full Irish Sailing submission below.

The county council has extended the deadline for submissions on the draft Beach Bye-Laws by two weeks.

The public now have the chance to voice their opinion on the draft bye-laws up to 5pm on Friday, November 25.


Proposed Galway County Council Beach Bye-Laws 2022 (Monday 7 November 2022).

Irish Sailing are working very closely with our members, sister national governing bodies and other watersports organisations to examine the proposed 2022 Galway County Council Beach Bye-Laws.

Getting Ireland active on the water is at the heart of Irish Sailing’s strategy, which includes ensuring that our coastline is open to all watersports and users in the safest and most supportive way possible.

We have a long-standing and productive relationship with Galway County Council, and will be making our submission to them in the coming days.

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