Irish University Inaugural Team Racing event success

Irish University Inaugural Team Racing event success

The inaugural IUSA VS BUSA Team Racing regatta brings Irish Success!

It took place in the Royal Irish Yacht Club on the 15th & 16th of October and was organized by UCD in conjunction with IUSA (Irish University Sailing Association) and BUSA (British University Sailing Association).

The event saw the best 9 student helms and 9 crews from each country go head to head in a Team Racing challenge, with IUSA emerging the victors with an impressive scoreline reading 14-7.

The Format

The format of the event was Team Racing, with each association sending 3 teams of 6 to race in fireflies supplied by UCD and Trinity. Teams from the same country did not race each other, meaning racing was exclusively IUSA vs BUSA. To win a point an association needs to win 2 out of 3 races in a set. Each race in a set had an IUSA team racing a BUSA team, for example in set 1 we had IUSA1 vs BUSA1, IUSA2 vs BUSA2, IUSA3 vs BUSA3. For the next set the fixtures change, with IUSA 1 vs BUSA2, IUSA2 vs BUSA 3 and IUSA3 vs BUSA1. For the final set each team races the team they haven't raced. After the third “set” the schedule resets, meaning that 3 sets makes up a full round. For the final round each race is worth a point on its own, meaning there are 9 points on offer in the round instead of 3, upping the stakes and keeping racing exciting until the very end. This format of racing means that each association needs depth across all teams, having one or two strong teams does not guarantee success.

The Racing

Racing on saturday was cut short by a large increase in wind strength which caused half of the 12 boats to capsize in unison, however on Sunday morning it was back to business. Racing ran smoothly, with 9 full sets being complete by 2 o’clock, and IUSA emerging as the victors.

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This event was made possible by the many volunteers, both on the water and off the water. Every single one of the 19 British sailors that came over were hosted by Irish, Volunteers manned the finish and committee boats, as well as photography & result recording. Huge thanks to them!

The umpire ribs were manned by Chris Lindsey, Dan Little & Eunice Kennedy.

IUSA are already looking forward to defending the trophy. The defense will be sailed in Southampton, England in 2023, and will be hosted by BUSA. 


This event is the first of its kind and the idea was born from passionate Univeristy Team Racing Sailors looking to challenge themselves at a higher standard in their sport. The event was a great success and shows how attractive this format of Sailing is to students and young people in keeping them interested in the sport!

If you want to get involved see more HERE!

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