Record Breaking Windfoil Round Ireland

Record Breaking Windfoil Round Ireland

Windfoil Round Ireland .... WOW

Many have sailed round Ireland and various size boats, someone even walked round barefoot and one man walked round with a goat or was it a fridge? Hannes Louet-Feisser has Windfoiled Round Ireland in aid of the RNLI and has raised a whapping €11,445 so far.

Hannes left Carlingford on May 27th and made it to Wicklow .. 167km!! ... 41 days later he arrived back into Carlingford.

Hannes made managed to visit the Irish Sailing Windsurfing schools along the way He monitored weather carefully and held fast or turned back when the conditions turned against him. A classic example was finding himself doing a 44km circumnavigation of Bere Island as the wind increased to 27-30knots.

If you would like to support Hannes in his fundraising campaign go to his JUST GIVING PAGE HERE and every cent goes to the RNLI.

Congratulations Hannes

What an incredible achievement and an amazing promotion for foiling ... 😀

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