29er Class Training

29er Class Training

UPDATE: 7 Apr 2022

  • April 9/10 is now closed
  • May 14/15 is open for application

Irish Sailing are introducing a number of trainings for the 29er class over the next few months in the hope to aid in the progression of the teams at international level. The trainings have been set up with the pathway to the Olympic classes in mind. The 29er is a great class to learn all the skiff aspects and get some high quality international racing in to enhance the experience and knowledge of the teams. By attending the training you can expect to come away with a clearer knowledge of the fine skills involved in performance sailing as well as knowledge of where it can lead if all the hard yards are done.

To apply please see HERE

The dates are ...

  • April 9/10 @ RIYC
  • May 14/15 @ RSGYC


The cost is €120 per boat per weekend



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