Women in Officiating Survey

Women in Officiating Survey

Sport Ireland’s Women in Officiating Survey 2022

The Sport Ireland survey of current or former female officials has had a great response throughout all sports ... lets's ensure Sailing is up there in the mix. Please go to this link and give them your input ...

Women in Officiating Survey link

Here is why ....

At present, substantially fewer women than men occupy these roles in sport. The intention is to use the information in this survey to inform strategies, plans and initiatives for female officials in order to help close the gender gap. As there is no current baseline of women officiating statistics for the island of Ireland, we are calling on all women officials to respond to this survey to allow us to:

  • Acquire a more in-depth understanding of the status of females in sports officiating roles.
  • Investigate the social, physical and practical obstacles that face women in respect of becoming match officials, staying in and/or progressing in these roles.

This survey will help Sport Ireland to inspire and support the next generation of female officials, boost opportunity for women to take up officiating and develop good practice programmes and effective work plans.

This survey is open to ALL officials (current or former), with the term ‘official’ encompassing all officiating positions ion all sports including race officers, results managers, judges, mark layers, umpires measurers, inspectors, safety officers and support crew, along with other sports titles such as referees, match officials, tournament referees, third umpires, table officials, scorers, TMOs, timekeepers etc. We invite all officials to complete the survey via this link...


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