She Can Do

She Can Do


Karen Weekes has embarked on numerous adventures in her life and her most recent was to become the first Irishwoman to row solo and unaided across the Atlantic. After 80 days and over 3000 nautical mailes she was given a warm welcome in Barbados on Thursday 24th February, by friends, family, dignitaries and local steel band.

Karen is no stranger to big seas and incredible adventures. She has sailed two transatlantics, as well as Azores to Galway, Acapulco to BAja and Coffs Harbour to Whitsunday Islands. As well as circumnavigated Ireland by kayak, trecked many a mountain ... OH! and there was the trans-Canada cycle - SOLO!

Karen's message was, and is, SHE CAN DO ... she certainly did do and I am sure we will see more adventures on the horizon soon. Congratulations Karen and thank you for inspiring so many.

Photo Credit: Thanks to Andreas at Doorus Photo

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