Passport / Checklick Tips & Tricks

Passport / Checklick Tips & Tricks

Passport Tips for Managers, Junior Organisers & Senior Instructors

Irish Sailing Passport / Checklick Webinar – March 8th, 19:00 – 20:30, Zoom

This Webinar will be hosted by Dominik Jablecki from Checklick and will focus on helping you get the most from Passport, looking at the tips and tricks which can make day-to-day use quicker and easier.

Topics will include:

  • - How to prepare your account for a new season
  • - Using Group evaluations to evaluate multiple people with one click
  • - Using the participant logbook feature
  • - Additional features such as attendance sheets, group emails and sending Certificates.

To register for this session just click here and an invitation will be sent along with a reminder closer to the time.

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