Women in Sailing Mentees Start their Journey

Women in Sailing Mentees Start their Journey

We are delighted to introduce the 2022 Women in Sailing Mentees

  • Aideen Kilkelly from Sligo
  • Carla Fagan from Dublin 
  • Robyn Lynch from Cork

Each has achieved so much already and would like to stretch their sailing goals to see where it takes them and in turn share their own learnings with others. 

The Irish Sailing Women in Sailing Mentorship Programme is part of our “Take the Helm” Women in Sport initiative and we are delighted that Offshore Sailor and Round Ireland Record Holder, Pamela Lee, will be providing personal and group mentoring.

The goal is to give these incredible women inspiration, guidance or direction to make the next step in their sailing journey. Read about your mentor, Pamela Lee HERE.

Let us introduce the team ...

Aideen Kilkelly is part owner of a beautiful Galway Hooker named Gleoiteog Beaga and enjoys sailing in the beautiful waters of Galway Bay. Aideen loves taking newcomers to sailing out to experience the joy of sailing such an iconic boat and to show them the ropes - literally! She is hoping that this mentorship will help her to support more women to take on more and more water challenges.

Carla Fagan is bursting with enthusiasm for sailing and wants to expand her horizons. Carla is a keen bowman and regularly sets sail out of Howth and is currently enjoying Laser training out of Dun Laoghaire. She has been bowman on 'Soufriere', the James Bond Spirit 54, competed in the Scottish Series, Watch Leader on Asgard II and many other adventures. 

Robyn Lynch has followed the instructor path and then discovered Under 25 keelboat sailing, which led to new opportunities and experiences that left her inspired to do more. Robyn would like to progress her sailing journey and broaden her sailing skills to a new level by pushing her limits and boundaries. Offshore is her goal and looking forward to connecting with other women in sailing with similar goals.

The programme will run for a full year and mentees will benefit from 8 mentoring sessions, which will be a combination of team sessions and one to ones, depending on the team needs and availability. We will keep you posted on their progression and learnings as follow their path.

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Enjoy this small gallery of these inspiring women sailors and we invite you to join us following their journey of discovery in 2022 with the support and inspiration of Pamela Lee.

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