Covid Measures December 2021

Covid Measures December 2021

Current Covid Measures in Sport

A number of new public health measures were announced on December 17 effective today December 20 2021 through January 30th 2022. These are not directly relevant to most sailing activities, but we thought you make like to note them.

Full details of the announcement can be found here - - New public health measures announced - Friday 17 December (

In relation to organised sporting events the following apply:

Indoor Sport

  • Indoor sporting events will not take place after 8pm. For events happening earlier in the day, attendance should be limited to 50% of venue capacity or 1,000 attendees, whichever is the lower.
  • The 8pm time restriction does not apply to indoor sports training. This training can continue in line with previous guidance and with protective measures in place ( i.e. use of pods where applicable, cleaning/hygiene, ventilation, mask use etc.).

Outdoor Sport

  • Attendance at outdoor sporting events are limited to 50% of venue capacity or 5,000 attendees, whichever is the lower.
  • The 8pm time restriction does not apply to outdoor sporting events or outdoor training.

Sports should also monitor the various updates in relation to close contacts and international travel with a number of changes having come into effect.


COVID 19 Club Resilience Fund 2021 for Irish Sailing affiliated Category 1 Clubs

The Club Resilience Fund, has been made available to ensure Sports Clubs can continue to deliver sporting opportunities at a local level. The grant scheme is designed primarily to support sporting activity. The funds are not aimed to replace lost income from ancillary activities such as hospitality or other non-sporting commercial activity.

Irish Sailing was delighted to secure a total of €350,000 that was distributed to those clubs who applied.

Safe sailing.

Harry Hermon
21 December 2021

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