Podcasts from the Professionals

Podcasts from the Professionals

Podcasts from the 2021 Investwise Youth National Championships

Want to listen to our sailing Olympians talk about their experiences and get advice from the best sailors in the country ? Well now you can ! Irish Sailing are launching a mini series of “podcasts” – recordings taken at the Investwise Irish Sailing Youth National Championships held in October where each day concluded with a fantastic talk.

You can now listen 49er Olympians Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove talk about what keeps them sailing even on the toughest days; Seafra Guilfoyle on how he debriefs with 49er crew Johnny Durcan after every training session; and Olympic silver medallist Annalise Murphy on how to reset after a bad race - AND all in your own time !

Just download here and stay tuned for more instalments.

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