Fireflies Go East and West

Fireflies Go East and West

Galway City Sailing Club and Malahide Yacht Club to host fleets of Fireflies.

Irish Sailing are delighted to announce that Galway City Sailing Club and Malahide Yacht Club will be hosting a fleet of Fireflies each over the coming seasons as part of Irish Sailing’s Team Racing Development Programme. With funding supports from the Government Sports Capital Grant, Irish Sailing have secured two more fleets of Fireflies, manufactured by Rondar Raceboats.

Eleven clubs submitted expression of interest applications to host the Fireflies, but it was Galway City Sailing Club and Malahide Yacht Club who were successful on this occasion. Irish Sailing’s Team Racing programme is working to continually develop all aspects of Team Racing around the country. With a fleet of Fireflies currently residing in the Royal Cork Yacht Club (south region), having boats now located in the west and east regions will provide an extra boost to the programme by making Team Racing accessible to as many people as possible around the country.

With fleets soon to be located across three regions, Irish Sailing intend to roll out their Team Racing Roadshows nationwide. If your club is interested in getting involved in the Team Racing Roadshows or involved in Team Racing in any way you can contact Jack at for more information.

👇 Gallery of Galway City Sailing Club and Malahide Yacht Club and their everyday member activities.

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