Laser Masters Age Change

Laser Masters Age Change

Apprentice Laser Masters Age Change

Inclusion is about ensuring everyone has equal opportunity. A great example is the newly expanded Apprentice Age Division for the Laser World Masters.

Beginning in 2022, the Apprentice age division for the ILCA (Laser) Masters World Championships will now include sailors ages 30 to 44.

The previous Apprentice age division was for sailors age 35-44, and this change will give new under 35 sailors the opportunity to enjoy the highly competitive ILCA racing and Masters Worlds camaraderie without being a full time sailor. All other Masters age categories will remain unchanged.

ILCA certainly does not expect this change to dramatically increase the number of Apprentice entries at the Worlds, but by being more inclusive and “broadening their tent” it allows more adult sailors to enjoy the Masters Worlds and it is hoped it will serve to attract more interest in the ILCA class from both grass roots and former competitive ILCA sailors looking to step back onboard.

The ILCA World Council has recently approved this change for implementation at the 2022 Masters World Championships in Mexico. From the Notice of Race for the 2022 ILCA Masters World Championships, based on a competitor’s age on the first day of the event, divisions will be: 30 to 44 – Apprentice, 45 to 54 – Master, 55 to 64 - Grand Master, 65 to 74 - Great Grand Master, 75 and over – Legend.

Pic: Laser Nationals 2014. Photographer: Nick Haig

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