Building the 2022 Calendar

Building the 2022 Calendar

The Irish Sailing online calendar of events

As soon as you have dates, even provisional ones, please submit the information to us so that we can add these to the Irish Sailing online calendar of events, promote the event for you and avoid unnecessary clashes with other classes and events.

You can send us the information by simply following this link - HERE.

Be sure to send us each event that you have planned and if you have not already confirmed all of the events, just send us what you have, and we can update with the others at a later stage. The link will remain open for later submissions.

The current calendar of scheduled events can be found here:

As you may have learned from this year, you now require a National or International Judge as well as a National or International Race Officer for your National events. More information HERE.

If you are having difficulty obtaining race officials for your event (Race Officer, Umpire, Judge, Mark Layer, Safety Leader, Results Manager Measurer or Equipment Inspector), we can help! The more notice for this the better.

Anything else that we can assist with please feel free to get in touch directly with Sarah Louise Rossiter on

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Any changes to syllabus, law or influences that effect training centres, clubs and classes
will be posted as OFFICIAL Notices or TRAINING NOTICES and listed here.