2021 eSailing eNations Cup

2021 eSailing eNations Cup

UPDATE: 26 Sept 2021

Japan vs Ireland - Japan 8 Ireland 1 - Ireland are out of the eNationas Cup

Ireland competes at the 2021 eSailing eNations Cup

What started out as an alternative to winter sailing at the start of the COVID pandemic is now gaining legs and fast becoming a regular fixture of the racing calendar. With over 400 registered Irish players, Ireland will be represented at the 2021 eNations Cup, with our first fixture against Japan on 26 September.

Drawing from the top ranked esailors in Ireland, a team of twelve was formed to represent Ireland at the 2021 eNations Cup by an event steering group. There are very strict guidelines governing team member selection: the team must consist of twelve esailors with one nominated captain or spokesperson. Teams must be made up of two certified players, four selected on merit based on the eSailing National Championship results or ranking, four are representatives from national clubs, and at least one competing esailor from each gender, and one U21 esailor.

Representing Ireland in the eSailing World Championships are: Colin Kavanagh (captain), Hammy Baker, Paul McMahon, Alex Connolly, Cillian Dickson, Ronan Downing, Niamh Cassidy, Marcus Pearson, Mikey O’Flatharta, Emmet Dalton, Finn Lynch, Mick Farrell and Paul McMahon with a substitute player Rob O’Reilly.

Irish Sailing Racing Officer Sarah-Louise Rossiter commented “eSailing is becoming more and more popular in Ireland. Irish Sailing made the decision to support and sponsor an eSailing National Championship last year in the middle of the pandemic when many of our sailors were confined to indoors. Now we’re seeing a surge of interest, and we’re hoping that this translates into new sailors on the water in the future”.  

You can find out more eSailing here: https://www.sailing.ie/Racing/eSailing

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