2022 - A Year of World-Class Sailing Events

2022 - A Year of World-Class Sailing Events

Ireland on the map for world-class sailing events

We’ve known it for a while now that Ireland is an attractive country for world-class sailing events, but 2022 marks a bumper year with no less than five major events being hosted here including World Championships for the 505, GP14, Fireball and SB20 classes, and the J24 European Championships.

Irish Sailing has been working together with all these classes to organise bids, secure funding and finalise locations. The long-term benefit of these events for sailing in Ireland is difficult to quantify, but centres on inspiring others to get active on the water.

Sarah-Louise Rossiter, Irish Sailing Racing Officer commented “You could count the fleet size and number of boats, but it’s about more than that – the status of these world-class events show that Ireland can host and organise sporting events of the highest quality. It’s important for all our sailors, young and old, to see the calibre of both the competition and the competitors – and hopefully they’ll inspire others to get involved – racing or not !”

The 2022 calendar is looking busy already, so make sure you have these dates booked !

  • 21 – 24 April                    Irish Sailing Youth National Champs Ballyholme Yacht Club
  • 1 – 13 August                  505 World Championships                            Royal Cork YC
  • 14 – 19 August                GP14 World Championships                            Skerries Sailing Club
  • 21 – 26 August                Fireball World Championships                            Lough Derg YC
  • 30 Aug – 3 Sept               J24 European Championships                            Howth YC
  • 3 – 4 Sept                        Irish Sailing Women at the Helm                  Royal Cork YC
  • 5 – 9 Sept                        SB20 World Championships                            Royal Irish YC    
  • 24 – 25 Sept                     Irish Sailing All Ireland Junior Champs TBC
  • 1 – 2 Oct                          Irish Sailing All Ireland Senior Champs TBC


If you are planning an event planned for 2022 make sure you get onto our events calendar here to check your dates and complete our event booking form.


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