Boat Charter for Women at the Helm 2021

Boat Charter for Women at the Helm 2021

Gather your team and grab a 1720 

One of the biggest hurdles to all women, or women at the helm, keelboat teams is boat ownership and accessibility currently. 
So, we have managed to make two 1720s available to charter for the Women at the Helm 2021 regatta on 18th and 19th September, out of Royal Cork Yacht Club.

€300 per boat, for the whole weekend, including delivery to RCYC Marina pontoons, Crosshaven and a female skipper that is happy to crew and support your team at the event, or kick back support from ashore if you have your team all sorted.

This great charter rate is thanks to Sport Ireland Women in Sport funding and preferential rates from Sovereign Sailing.

Royal Cork Yacht Club are supporting the event by keeping the initial early bird 15% discount up to close of entries and making entry accessible to all …

  • Single Handers €42.50
  • Double Handers €63.75
  • Sports Boats €80.75
  • Other Keelboats €106.25
  • Keelboat craning in and out service available for €100 (no craning required for the charter 1720s)

With the Under 25 Keelboat team free entry, this amazing opportunity makes entry for a five person Under 25 team €60 a head and over 25 teams less than €77 each.

If you have a team interested in charter email Gail on with your name, brief details of your helms experience. First two teams to apply get the boats.


So, if you are one of the many women that are keen to enter but just couldn’t manage to get a boat ... gather your team and email Gail now.

These Sovereign Sailing 1720's are rigged for cruising and participation, so would not be finely tuned racing machines, but give you an amazing opportunity to be part of this fantastic event.

COMING SOON ... we will be announcing a new Mentoring opportunity for women sailors AND and exciting visitor will be joining us at the weekend in Royal Cork Yacht Club ... keep a close eye on

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