Reframing the Challenge

Reframing the Challenge

Covid-19 Update 2nd September 2021

Following the announcement by An Taoiseach earlier this week, the following changes that may impact on Sailing Clubs and Training Centres are to come into effect in the coming weeks:

From 20th September 2021

Indoor Training, Competition and Events

Proof of immunity (vaccinated or recovered) or accompanied minors (under 18)

  • Up to 100 Participants (this can include shore based training with appropriate protective measures)

Mixed Patrons (with and without proof of immunity)

  • Pods of up to 6 participants will be permitted (this excludes adult coaches/instructors etc.)
  • Multiple pods will be permissible and should take into account the overall size of the venue.
  • Substantial social distancing between individual pods should be implemented

Outdoor Training, Competition and Events

  • Restrictions removed – no longer a requirement for Pods while engaged in outdoor activity.
  • The numbers engaged in organised sailing activity are still reliant on the risk assessments conducted for managing people ashore.

From 22nd October 2021

Based on the criteria of at or close to 90% of people 16 or over being fully vaccinated in the coming weeks, and having regard to the incidence and behaviour of the disease at that time, the Government plan to remove further statutory restrictions in respect of events and activities from 22nd of October.

Some of the following key measures will be removed;

  • Formal requirements/mandates for physical distancing
  • Limits on numbers at outdoor events and engaging in sporting activities outdoors – this allows for greater numbers whilst ashore
  • Restrictions on indoor sports activities and other indoor leisure/community activities
  • Certification of immunity or testing as a prerequisite for access to, or engagement in, any activities or events (with exception of international travel)

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