45 Entries to Lambs Week

45 Entries to Lambs Week

Lambs Week 2021 

British sailors can have Cowes Week and West Cork has Calves Week ... in Galway, we have Lambs Week which has "a little racing," plenty of "craic," and "something to stick up on the mantelpiece at home for everyone."

Big boats, small boats, fast boats, slow boats - every boat is welcome at this great celebration of sailing and the stunning sailing waters of Galway Bay and the Aran Islands

Lambs Week 2021
19 - 23 August

45 boats are entered, 3 Destinations to be visited, a 'King of the Bay Pursuit Challenge' around the islands for both competitive and non-competitive boats part of the Galway Maritime King of the Bay series, all happening from August 19 to 23 as the GBSC boats follow the Lamb's course.

The community work and energy put into this event is incredible ...

  • 16 new moorings have been dropped into Kilronan for the event and it is hoped that funding can be found to leave them in place for cruising sailors to avail of when they explore the coast.
  • The main event sponsor Ocean Crest Marine has funded the expensive tackle on each mooring block. Lasta Mara, the Beatty family that run a cargo boat business, are huge supporters. 

Lambs Week Brochure HERE

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