Women at the Helm 2021 NOR

Women at the Helm 2021 NOR

Empowering and Celebrating Women at the Helm

Women at the Helm 2019 was an overwhelming success and we are delighted to see the event come to Royal Cork Yacht Club this September.

Keelboats, Sportsboats and Dinghies will compete in the incredible Cork Harbour with excellent race management and return to shore for good food and the great entertainment that Royal Cork are well known for.

All boats are allowed a male crew of 50% or less and every boat must have a women at the helm. Dinghies will run on PY, so any boat owner with a dinghy over <1220 can join the weekend of competition and craic - you can check the 2021 RYA PY list HERE. Keelboats will race under IRC and ECHO.

The Women at the Helm will once again a sustainably friendly event registered with Sailors for the Sea Clean Regattas and we will aim for the highest of environmentally friendly standards.

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