More Great Escapes

More Great Escapes

Pictures paint a thousand words ... so no cruising story this week, just a short gallery to sum up the delightful cruising everyone is experiencing on our coastline in this fantastic weather.

Cozy nights, sunsets, company and donkies are only a small taste of cruising the Coastline of Ireland


You can follow last week's GREAT ESCAPES HERE.

If you are interested in cruising you may like a browse at the basic Cruising Route information pages we have created with local Yachtmaster Instructors and Norman Kean of ICC Publications. If you plan to cruise we highly recommend investing in the books and charts of course.

We continue to communicate with the coastal engineers for updates on the visitors moorings and updates will be published as they come in HERE.

And if you are looking for a cruising school to improve your navigation and sailing skills, then head over to our Find a Centre pages here.

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