Irish Compete in Bretagne

Irish Compete in Bretagne

Elite Offshore Sailing

@11 July 2021

Final results saw Tom Dolan with Smurfit Kappa / Kingspan come in at 13th place after placing a 3, 14, 6, 9, 13, 10, 25 and then DNF in the final race. Kenny Rumball and Pamela Lee, with RL Sailing / Hanley Energy, came in at 24th place with a 27, 24, 17, 24, 23, 15, 26 and 21 through the series.

The competition was extremely close, and the atmosphere ashore electric, with literally seconds between positions.

You can enjoy a fantastic gallery of the Figaro 3s in action HERE.


@ 9 July 2021

Ireland has two entries currently competing in the French Elite Offshore Racing Championship, Tour de Bretagne Voile.

The tour is a challenging offshore race with 9 days of offshore racing along the coast of Britanny, with the sailors are all sailing on the same type of boat, the incredible Figaro Bénéteau 3.

Irish Sailing Sailor of the Year 2020, Tom Dolan is entering for the second time, with crew Tanguy Leglatin, and newcomers to the French offshore racing world, Team RL Sailing with Pamela Lee and Kenneth Rumball, are in the 32 boat race.

The commitment to competition at this level is a fulltime occupation for these incredible sailors, so the support of their sponsors makes it all possible and seeing Irish companies come to the fore in support is fantastic. Smurfit Kappa and Kingspan are continued supporters of Tom Dolan and it is great to see Hanley Engineering back on the scene supporting Team RL Sailing.

Previous Irish sailors in this event were Tom Dolan in 2019, Damian Foxall in 1997 and Ireland’s first female entrant Joan Mulloy raced in 2017.

Tom Dolan is currently sitting in 8th place after 5 courses and Team RL Sailing are sitting in 27th. At time of writing this they have 3 more days of racing to go. You can follow their results HERE.

And follow them on Yellow Brick HERE.

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Event Schedule

  • July 1: opening to the public of the village in Saint-Malo ... Port of call: Quai Duguay Trouin
  • July 2: prologue in the Bay of Saint-Malo ... Port of call: Quai Duguay Trouin
  • July 3: stage "Bay of Saint-Malo - Bay of Saint Brieuc" ... Port of call: Saint Quay Port d'Armor - Saint Quay Portrieux
  • July 4: Baide route from Saint Brieuc ... Port of call: Saint Quay Port d'Armor - Saint Quay Portrieux
  • July 5: Baide route from Saint Brieuc ... Port of call: Saint Quay Port d'Armor - Saint Quay Portrieux
  • July 6-7: stage Baie de Saint-Brieuc - Douarnenez ... Port of call: Port of Tréboul
  • July 8: Douarnenez - Concarneau stage ... Port of call: Marina - Concarneau
  • July 9: Guy Cotten Grand Prix - "Tour de Glénan" ... Port of call: Marina - Concarneau
  • July 10: Concarneau - Quiberon stage ... Port of call: Port Haliguen 
  • July 11: route in the Bay of Quiberon ... Port of call: Port Haliguen
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